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Amateur Art

Art for the every man

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This is an art community for everyone. We accept all types of art here; painting, sketching, photography, poetry, ceramics, sculpting and anything else that was made by you.

Each Month we will hold a theme contest. Winners will be decided by the members of the community taking a poll. Moderators have the final decision. Once a winner is chosen, he/she will receive an award for them to post wherever they may prefer.

This is a friendly community where everyone is welcome. We encourage new people to join and post often. However we do not tolerate anyone stealing anything from this community and using it without premission. If you like something, ask the artist for their permission first.

Constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated, but NO negative or personal attacks ever welcome! If this happens you will be warned twice and then banned from this community for good!!!

As a member we want you to feel free to express yourself in whatever form you choose. We accept nudity but please put it behind a LJ-Cut stating its contents. If you do not know what a LJ-Cut is, please view the LJ FAQ or ask one of the moderators. We do NOT accept any nudity from those under the age of 18. Anyone doing this will be warned once and then banned!

Not everyone has DSL these days so to ensure that all members can view this community with ease we would appreciate any large images or multiple images go behind a LJ-Cut. Absoblutely NO surveys or quizzes allowed. They take up space and will NOT be tolerated.

We would appreciate if everyone would link to us using one of the banners we provide. Please save the images and download them to your own server. While we encourage all members to link us in their journals or on the webpage this is opptional and not required.

Most of all, we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. Make some art and post away!
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